Mediation Helps Preserve Relationships

preserve relationship

This is the seventh installment of an eight-part series on why mediation is such a great way to resolve conflicts. I hope you find this information useful.

#7 – Mediation Helps Preserve Relationships

Sometimes there are conflicts between people who are close to each other or who will have a continuing relationship, such as family members, divorcing spouses with children, and business partners whose business would continue the best with all the partners involved. When people want to or need to continue their relationship after the conflict, it’s best to avoid litigation. Litigation is extremely adversarial, requiring people to take hard positions and cling to them. Litigation creates enemies, tearing siblings apart, generating such animosity between ex-spouses that they can’t work together to raise their children, and ruining businesses.

There is another model for conflict resolution. Mediation is a constructive process that gets to the heart of a dispute and finds solutions without cutting people down. Mediation is a way to work things out so people don’t hate each other afterwards and can still speak to each other, work together, and attend the same family events.

If you want to resolve a conflict and preserve your relationship, contact Daci L. Jett to schedule a mediation.