Mediation is faster

Stop watch

This is the fourth installment of an eight-part series on why mediation is such a great way to resolve conflicts. I hope you find this information useful.

#4 – Mediation is faster

When you have a conflict with someone, how long do you want it to last? Do you want to drag it out as long as possible so you can relish every unpleasant minute? Then the courts are for you. A lawsuit is America’s most well-known conflict resolution tool, and lawsuits last for years.

However, if you prefer to get to a resolution as soon as you can, then check out mediation. A neutral third party mediator doesn’t waste time. Right away the mediator find out what the issues are and everyone gets to work figuring out how to resolve the problem. Often times a conflict can be resolved in one day. Fair disclosure: divorce and custody mediations often proceed over several sessions due to the number of issues.

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