Mediation Leads To A Satisfying Outcome

satisfying outcome

This is the eighth and final installment of an eight-part series on why mediation is such a great way to resolve conflicts. I hope you find this information useful.

#8 – Mediation Leads To A Satisfying Outcome

Mediation is the most satisfying form of dispute resolution. There are stories of people who fought a lawsuit for years and finally won. But after winning the suit, they sat down and cried, because they didn’t get what they really wanted.

People want to tell their own story and want someone to listen. That just doesn’t happen in a courtroom, despite television shows to the contrary. And people frequently want an outcome that a court cannot give. A court cannot repair a relationship or make people get along.

Mediation is the venue that satisfies both of these needs. In mediation, everyone tells their story. The mediator and the other parties listen and acknowledge the impact of the dispute.

In mediation, people have the freedom and flexibility to craft a resolution that addresses their unique situation and works specifically for them. When people settle their dispute in mediation, it is because they got more than the legal system can give them – they got what they really wanted.

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