Mediation Preserves Your Privacy

Two women gossiping

This is the second installment of an eight-part series on why mediation is such a great way to resolve conflicts. I hope you find this information useful.

#2 – Mediation Preserves Your Privacy

How many people want their dirty laundry aired in public? Lawsuits are public. We know this because we read about them in the news. Details of a divorcing couple’s private lives, including their child care and spending habits, are all over the internet. Anyone can access every detail of a family fight when frustrated or wronged heirs sue each other in court.

Fortunately for folks who value their privacy and self-respect, there is another way. Mediation is a process of conflict resolution that keeps private information private. Mediation takes place behind closed doors, and the mediator maintains the parties’ confidentiality.

No one needs to know what’s going on in your family or your business, or what you own or inherited. Don’t let a dispute destroy your privacy. Contact Daci L. Jett to find out if mediation will work for you.