Mediation Saves Money


This is the first installment of an eight-part series on why mediation is such a great way to resolve conflicts. I hope you find this information useful.

#1 – Mediation Saves Money

Litigation is expensive and an inefficient way to resolve conflict. Both parties have to pay a lawyer, and the lawyers often spend years filing motions trying to gain procedural advantages before the case even can get to trial to resolve the issues. This is great for lawyers, but it’s terrible for the people paying the legal fees.

I’ve heard many stories of people going through all the assets they spent a lifetime accumulating, including their children’s college fund, fighting a lawsuit. In that situation, what does it mean to win?

Mediation is a different model. Yes, the parties have to pay the mediator, but they are paying only one professional and only for work directed at resolving the issues. Because the focus is squarely on working out a solution the parties can accept, mediation is far faster and more efficient. Often parties can resolve their conflict in one day or a few meetings. That translates into far less money spent on the problem. (Fair disclosure: a divorce usually requires several meetings to address all the issues involved.)

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